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This reverse-open umbrella will solve every annoyance you've ever had with them

2017-07-23 06:40:08

How many of us have been struck by the thought, "Wow, how and why were umbrellas all designed this way?" Or a ruder form of that question while getting in or out of a car on a rainy day?

Probably all of us.
The traditional way of opening an umbrella leaves you totally exposed to the rain you’re trying to avoid in any area that does not have a significantly wide circumference for the top to open and close within — which means pretty much every entrance and exit you’ll encounter.
Once the upper cover is drenched, you’re then meant to close it the same way as you opened — with the wet material facing outward — wrap a Velcro strap around it (also now wet), and let the rain from the outdoors pool onto the floor. It’s not exactly efficient, but the umbrella is so useful as a whole that it kind of got grandfathered into people’s understanding of things that are one way and cannot feasibly be another — like spoons, scissors, or the Grand Canyon.
We’ve all had the occasion to think "there must be a better way to go about this," and thankfully for the rest of us, someone actually did something about it.
Better Brella is the answer to every annoyance you’ve ever had with your umbrella:
Getting in or out of a car/doorframe: The reverse-open design means you can make a clean break from the car or door without having to fumble for a few minutes with the latch while totally exposed to the rain.
The umbrella losing shape in a gust of wind: It’s made with a double canopy/layered construction so it won’t fold in high winds (the company says it will withstand 50 mph winds) and is also meant to have stronger locking so that it won’t unlatch and fold over you like a sheet ghost costume and impair your vision while you’re walking.
Difficult to open: It has double ribbings on the side so it should open more smoothly than others.
Weird to hold for long periods of time/stressful on the wrist: The new umbrella grip shape is made to mimic your hand’s natural shape in a closed grip, so it won’t feel clumsy to hold.
Not actually covering all of you: The canopy is extra-wide (32” long and 41.5” wide) so you’ll get more coverage, too.
Getting your floors/clothes wet: The reverse-open also means the umbrella layer exposed to rain will be folded inside, so the dry inner portion will actually be the outer layer when folded.