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Hangzhou oil paper umbrella

2017-11-02 05:28:44

Oil paper umbrella is one of the traditional Chinese handicrafts, is originated in China, a paper or cloth umbrella. Hangzhou is Jiangnan Water Village, the four seasons rain, bamboo is rich in resources. As an important ancient rain gear paper umbrella in Hangzhou has more than 230 years of production history. According to the investigation, Hangzhou, the earliest oil paper umbrella shop is the Qing Emperor Qianlong thirty-four years (1769) Dong Wanyuan nine rooms opened. At that time, Hangzhou oil paper umbrella umbrella fishing umbrella, civilized umbrella, red umbrella and other varieties, Hangzhou is an indispensable life necessary rain gear.

Process history

The last century four or fifties, Hangzhou oil paper umbrella reached its peak, the annual output of about 5 million, accounting for East China oil paper umbrella production of about one-half. In the sixties and seventies of last century, with the appearance of the steel skeleton of the rain and rain umbrella, this paper paper umbrella was gradually eliminated, Hangzhou oil paper umbrella skills are also on the verge of loss.

Until December 5, 2006, "Urban and Rural Herald" on December 7, headlines reported that "looking for master umbrella to restore" Yuhang paper umbrella "", causing the local government's high degree of concern. Yuhang District, the new text of the new paper to the oil paper umbrella as a private hand art project to focus on protection, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture also put Hangzhou oil paper umbrella included in the directory of Zhejiang intangible cultural heritage.

Hangzhou West Lake silk umbrella and Luzhou City, oil and paper umbrella technology was included in the "second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list recommended list of projects," the "traditional skills of umbrella production skills" category.


Hangzhou oil paper umbrella is the most famous story of "white snake pass tour lake by umbrella": "White Snake" also known as "White Snake Legend", "Legend of the Thunder Tower" and so on, is one of China's four major folklore.

Tour Lake by the umbrella of the prelude, each for the white Suzhen and Xu Xian made full bedding. Xu Xianxue medicine, Bai Suzhen received Xiaoqing everything to speak, so that the bridge has become a must, but also suddenly felt. Miao wonderful in the white Su-ching is not suitable for Xiannian pastor benefactor, and after the love of allies to calculate. Bai Suzhen with Xiaoqing found in the West Lake to find, forget some "Supreme" are not, can not help but some disheartened. And the handsome scholar Xu Xian in the emergence of broken bridge, so that white heart thrown in the ripples, Dunsheng love, a wash benefactor not the melancholy. Xiaoqing three trials, Bai Suzhen more focused on the.

In the first phase of the time, Bai Suzhen's shy, Xiaoqing's naughty and Xu Xian's silly fool. Performance foot. Xiaoqing in which the role is really very large, her match, intoxicated. Followed by the same boat. Where Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian have the first hand. Xu Xian Although the white Suzhen Jingruo heaven, but also more honest holding, so the umbrella to avoid the bow. And this time Bai Suzhen also secretly calculate the front of the favorite person is actually a pastor benefactor, they take the initiative to invite the cabin of the narrative. The same stage with the use of rap form, although they are talking about some of the things, but the two love each other love this statement. Bai Suzhen looked forward to Xu Xian self-reported home, actually forgot to answer. Tip really interesting, so fast to clear the door, for immersed in the happiness of the lovers, a thousand years is too short. They were Yiyi, Xiaoqing and tried to Xu Xian's umbrella "cheated" to go.


To the later umbrella umbrella umbrella, Xiaoqing continue to make fun of Xu Xian, but funny later, joke too much open too much. But fortunately, under the banyan tree, Bai Suzhen Xu Xu lift umbrella rain scene is too classic. Rain suddenly small, looked up, is their own gave the white lady's umbrella, beside a more beautiful atmosphere, look back, it is the dream of children, Bai Suzhen is deeply looking at Xu Xian , Xu Xian that happy, excited to seem to have to cry, has been the white Suzhen see embarrassed to hang his head. At this point silent sound, nothing to say, two people's hearts have been tightly integrated together, so hand in hand into the Huatang, Yongjie even reason ... ...