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How to choose a good traditional oil paper umbrella

2017-11-02 20:34:51

Oil paper umbrella is the traditional Han Chinese umbrella, the use of history has been more than 1,000 years. But with the emergence of modern umbrella, the traditional oil paper umbrella has been slowly fade out the trend of everyone sight. So people like oil paper umbrella, how to accurately select a good traditional paper paper umbrella it?

Look at the exquisite degree of the canvas

Oil paper umbrella at first glance is the umbrella face most of the space umbrella pattern, the traditional oil paper umbrella patterns are painted by a professional painter, mostly Chinese painting themes such as peony, lotus, landscape and so on. Umbrella pattern of the more refined oil paper umbrella collection value is higher.

Observe the color of the umbrella

Oil paper umbrella after tung oil brushing with a waterproof function, then brush tung oil oil paper umbrella in the end what color is the best? The answer is rice white. The color of the umbrella is the result of repeated brushing tung oil after the effect, the more close to the color of the paper paper umbrella rain better performance.

Number of saddle edges

A good oil paper umbrella not only beautiful rain, but also to strong wind. Careful number of umbrella edge there are several lines, the general umbrella size of the paper paper umbrella is the best number of 5 or more sutures. If there are some cross the suture then the oil paper umbrella is more solid, and in general can withstand the seven winds.

Whether there is cloth head

The top of the paper umbrella will appear some of the cloth material of the Baotou, these cloth head can protect the umbrella top is not scratched. In the use of oil paper umbrella will inevitably be some bumps, even on the ground friction, then there is such a cloth head is very necessary.

Test the umbrella flexibility of an oil paper umbrella

Start, together, in the purchase of oil paper umbrella when repeated several times this action, it is best to pick those who together smooth, umbrella flexibility good oil paper umbrella.

Check the raininess of oil paper umbrella

Do not need to be rainy days to check the oil paper umbrella is leaking, only need to open the paper paper umbrella against the light source, missed the oil paper umbrella to see the light source can be, if the paper umbrella surface is damaged, then you will see the light source. Did not see the light source is a good paper umbrella.

Umbrella umbrella frame inspection

Observe the umbrella and umbrella umbrella umbrella frame is a slight crack, and some words firmly not because, because the small cracks will slowly become larger.


Pick the oil paper umbrella when the best choice to the warranty of the store, you can avoid because of careless damage to oil paper umbrella and no way to re-use the phenomenon.

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