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Golf Umbrellas

2017-11-03 22:52:11

Golf umbrella is the most common straight hand golf open umbrella, straight rod automatic golf umbrella, there are two since the opening of the golf umbrella, etc., due to large umbrella, often more joy, a gust of wind, the power point, often take instability, More and more humane design, the better the problem has been solved in the golf umbrella made an improvement, the common practice is to make the umbrella double, the top of the layer below the umbrella through the air, Then a layer above the cover below the layer above the ventilation holes larger, just cover, a small amount of sewing needle stitch up and down two layers, when in normal use, the rain can not enter the umbrella inside, the wind came when the surplus Empty top was discharged.

Golf umbrella production area distribution

Most of the factories producing golf umbrellas in China are mostly located in Guangdong, Fujian and Zhejiang Provinces. The quality of their products is better produced in Guangdong and their product quality control is more stringent.

Golf umbrella introduction

A. Material

We can often see it in the golf clubs and racing races. The biggest characteristic of this umbrella is that it can be said that it is the largest umbrella that can be held in your hand. The normal specifications are between 25 inches and 32 inches. As more people understand this umbrella good quality, elegant appearance, good effect of sunshades and other excellent features, the popularity of golf umbrellas gradually, especially in recent years the golf umbrella as a gift of business gifts, widely used in high-end hotels , High-end clubhouse property management, high-end residential villa area has begun to extensive use.

* Fabric

Golf umbrella fabric use more high-end umbrella special fabrics, including 190 nylon silver tape and 190PG cloth, using such fabrics, umbrellas made out of the umbrella surface is usually flat, after the rain, the water drops quickly down. 190 nylon silver tape with anti-UV function, for you to filter out the hot summer heat, bright colors, people enjoyable. 190PG cloth (often called touch juice cloth) feel soft, very texture, it is plain, people feel steady and generous.

*  Frame

Golf umbrella earlier years or basic use of iron slot bone, or even double slot, too bulky. Now popular umbrella umbrella to fiber-based bone, light weight, not easy to break. There are also a combination of short iron slot bone, long fiber bone.

* Handle

Golf umbrella handles are currently commonly used in EVA straight handle, plastic handle, plastic spray rubber handle, wood handle, plastic iron handle, titanium handle iron and so on.

* General specifications

25-inch straight umbrella can be called a golf umbrella. More commonly used specifications: 27-inch X8K, 30-inch X8K, 34-inch X8K; and 16K / 24K, "K" refers to the number of ribs, 8K is 8 ribs.

B. Work characteristics

Golf umbrella, style is more, the most common are straight hand open golf umbrella, straight automatic golf umbrella, there are two since the opening of the golf umbrella, etc., due to large umbrella, tend to ride, a gust of wind after a little effort , Often take unsteady, more and more humane design, this problem has been better solved, made in the golf umbrella surface improved, common practice is to make the umbrella double, the following umbrella The top of the surface is hollowed out, then the upper layer is covered above the lower layer, larger than the air-permeable hole, just covered, a small amount of needlework sutured up and down two layers, when the normal use, the rain can not enter the umbrella, Over time, the top of the surplus pass was discharged. There is also a way and some of the same methods are the same place, simply made double umbrella frame, a bit like the Chinese pavilion, the wind flies, the rain can not come. Sometimes these ideas really come true, this is often said that the double umbrella.