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Umbrella culture, how much do you know?

2017-11-09 04:51:51


Umbrella  is a tool to provide a cool environment or shade rain and snow. Umbrella production materials usually include malleable fabrics, and other materials and bobbins that can be used as skeletons. It is lifted by hand when it is used. Although the primary purpose of the umbrella was to block the sun when it was first invented, it is now used most often as a rain gear for rainy days. Umbrellas used to shield the sun, also known as parasols or umbrellas, can be fixed to outdoor furniture such as patio tables, or used on the beach. Other uses for umbrellas include decorations, crutches and even weapons.

Umbrella development history

China is the first country in the world to invent an umbrella. It has a history of more than 3,500 years and was then referred to as "簦." To the post-Wei period, the umbrella was used for official instrument, people call it "Luo umbrella." Crown level different levels, the size and color of the umbrella is also different. The emperor travels with a yellow paratrooper to indicate "to shelter the people". In fact, the main purpose is to shade, wind and rain. After the birth of the umbrella in China, the umbrella gradually spread to foreign countries as its opening up and exchanges expanded.

During the Tang Dynasty, Japan sent 19 batches of "sent Tang envoys" to China, more than 500 people, including physicians, painters, musicians and scholars from various fields. They went to China to observe and learn Chinese culture. They not only used Chinese calendar, astronomy, Music, art and other cultures brought to Japan, including umbrella technology, including a variety of production techniques, manufacturing processes brought to Japan.

Umbrellas pass through Greece, Italy and Turkey to Europe. The British first opened the umbrella was 100 years later, it is generally believed that philanthropist, traveler Jonas Hanway is the first person, the time is about 1750 years. He traveled all over Europe and found that the parachute was kept clean and tidy, so he bought it home and used it all the time. To this end others feel that he was weird, a full 30 years to laugh at him endless. You know, in those days, the only obstructed means of transport was the carriage and the sedan chair. Umbrellas were heavy at the time, large whale skeleton attached to a stout wooden stick, in order to waterproof, cloth oil or wax and therefore more heavy. Every day carrying such a big guy never seen before going out, really need courage.

Fortunately, the United Kingdom is a rainy country, people finally realize the benefits of umbrellas and accepted it. In Britain at the time, heavy rains came in, and only a few eaves of public buildings were allowed to direct rainwater directly into the ground. Most other houses were only allowed to run straight down from the rooftops or from strangely shaped statues to the ground, The rain drops just in the middle of countless sidewalks. In this case, there are only two options, wearing a "portable tent" (umbrella) or being dumped.

By 1787, the popularity of umbrellas in the United Kingdom finally formed a considerable scale. In neighboring France, ladies and gentlemen have used the elegance of umbrellas to the extreme. They not only travel umbrellas on rainy days but also shade them on sunny days. And it is this part of the function of sunshade, to promote the umbrella to the light and beautiful one step further.

Between 1816 and 1820, umbrellas had a dramatic relief in weight. Men's umbrellas weigh 4 pounds (1.8 kg) and women's umbrellas are lighter and weigh less than 1 lb (0.45 kg). This is due to the use of silk umbrellas and lighter iron frames. However, most of the umbrella skeleton is still no more than two types: high-grade to be made of whales, cheap to do with wood.

It was not until the 1880s that when the umbrella tube of Fox was released, the umbrella in the modern era was officially born.

Construction of umbrella

Umbrella structure, including the umbrella handle, umbrella, umbrella, umbrella cover four parts, mainly made of wood, bamboo, metal and other materials. Ribs support the entire canopy, it can be folded to open, easy to carry. Umbrella is the most important part of the umbrella, bear the responsibility of the rain, the production of plastic sheeting cloth, tarpaulin, silk and durable nylon cloth.

Umbrella family

Umbrellas can be divided into utility umbrellas and craft umbrellas. Umbrella is a wonderful handicraft in our country. Its rib is a selection of light bamboo, the complex by hand so that the umbrella folded and restored into a natural bamboo. Umbrella with oil paper, lace, silk as raw material, pattern can be divided into brush umbrella, painting umbrella, embroidered umbrella. They each formed a unique art style, each has its own unique beauty.

 Lace umbrella is also famous, it uses high-quality cotton, pick embroider a variety of patterns of umbrella, umbrella handle, rod, cap with high-end wood refined.

The oil-paper umbrella process inherits the traditional method, the picture takes folk colors, chic style, made of high quality wood, paper, tung oil and other made of paper umbrellas can shelter from the rain, can shade.

Transparent umbrella is popular in recent years, young women are the favorite, at home and abroad in the movie and television series, many actresses have appeared under the umbrella of transparency. There are many kinds of transparent umbrellas, common is pure and colorless and transparent, and some transparent umbrellas printed with personalized fashion design, adds a sense of style and interest, the style has a straight rod, folding and so on. The umbrellas are mostly made of thin plastic, easily damaged and cheap.

Nowadays, umbrellas are no longer traditionally used as shelter. There are shade umbrellas placed on the desk and on the coffee table, beach umbrellas with a diameter of more than two meters, parachutes essential for pilots, automatic umbrellas with collapses, and small colored umbrellas for decoration ... With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, the pursuit of umbrella style and function has been constantly renewed. As a result, some multifunctional and new style umbrellas are constantly being invented. As Japan has now emerged a very unique umbrella, umbrella handle equipped with a radio, an umbrella open, you can hear the beautiful music.

In addition, the Japanese also aimed at the usual umbrella can not avoid the shoes were wet conditions, invented an umbrella. This umbrella stands on the tip of the toe, and when it is rained, it prevents the shoes and feet from getting wet, but when the umbrella is not open, it is a decoration on the head of the shoe. Foreign there is a scented umbrella, umbrella open a stretch, rich fragrance, you can imagine that in the rain name of this umbrella, the mood is so comfortable!