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Difference between the three kinds of Water Repellent

2017-11-16 23:09:28

We chat with FORMOSA Zhongshan factory  Mr. Lan & Mr. Du today, learn some new knowledge.

As we all know, the water-repellent fabric will quickly become water-dripping after the water is poured, but the water-repellent water will gradually decline as the number of functions is used.
The following is the difference between the three kinds of water repellent:
Types Water repellent rating After using the following number of actual water repellent only 80%
Ordinary umbrella fabric 3 2
Teflon treated umbrella fabric 4 10
Nano-treated umbrella fabric 5 50
1) Water repellent rating is divided into 0-5 level, 5 level is the highest level
2) Xiaomi Umbrella is used Formosa's 5 level fabric.