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Old Umbrella DIY

2017-12-14 16:28:29

Every family will be equipped with an umbrella

But bad old umbrellas do not work well on rainy days

Throw a pity to use the tasteless

Better to learn these tips DIY

Let the old umbrella regain new life



Umbrella surface waterproof and strong

Take down a green bag, handbag


Grocery shopping is very convenient and practical!



First, separate the umbrella from the umbrella

Remove a whole piece of cloth



Double fold on both sides

In accordance with the square shape of the bag, cut off the excess part

Stitched together on both sides



In the extra corner fabric

Cut out two straps to do with straps, and then sewn up



End the bag after the turn over

You can not see the thread at all

You can also decorate yourself

Go out to buy food are not afraid of fresh vegetables will wet the bag ~



 In addition to sewing a green bag with a thread

You can also cut only a small hole

With the root rope can string out a handbag

Cut a hole at 2 cm from each corner

You can go through the size of the rope



Then find a thick rope

Go through each hole separately

If not long enough, tie the two ropes together



The last rope gently pull

It immediately became a big shopping bag



Clothes Hanger 


Umbrella frame can continue to use it, remove the umbrella cloth


Hanging clothespins on the umbrella frame



Then put the balcony, socks, underwear or something

You can dry up the sun



Towels.html">Towel, pillowcase thrown directly in the umbrella stand is also OK

An extra place to dry clothes



In addition to hanging balcony clothes

Hanging in the living room into ornaments is the United States and the United States and da

Tied some ribbons, a few family photos

Another creative and warm



Hook Up


Remove the umbrella handle with metal buckle on the wall


When used to hook, hanging bags, hanging clothes very handy



Coat racks do not have to buy, save money to save children



Or a row of neat rows nailed to the board

Can hang a lot of pieces of clothing



Or glued to the board with glue

Fixed a row of umbrella handle hooks at the door

Immediately coat home coat and bag are well hung

No longer afraid of chaos



There are vertical walls sticky

It is creative too





Umbrella directly to be a shade

Thick artist industrial design style


Make your home special



The restaurant wants beautiful light atmosphere

Put together two yellow umbrella





Beautiful flowers and umbrellas are perfect match


Art of flower arrangement up, to do a beautiful umbrella flowers



Insert the flowers one by one into the umbrella

Then find a wider ribbon tie bow

Hanging on the door are particularly attractive wall