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The Origin of the Umbrella

2019-01-16 08:48:45

Four thousand years ago, a child walked in the rain with a big lotus leaf on his head. The rain drops rolled down the hypotenuse of the lotus leaf on the convex side, which inspired people to invent the umbrella. Head lotus leaf, this kind of phenomenon may cause the human to be inspired even to create

It is possible that children invented umbrellas, but it is also possible that children imitated the naivete of adults wearing hats, which is not so different from children carrying wooden pistols at the waist and riding a bamboo horse. Even if step back, the head lotus leaf revelation should be in reason
", but "4000 years ago" yun yun, where to start? In fact, there are various legends about the invention of umbrella. Widely circulated and there are written records or the vast power of the "luban teacher." Lu ban is said to be in charge
The countryside worked for the common people. The daughter-in-law yun shi delivered food to and from the village every day. Ruban in
A number of pavilions were designed and built along the way. Although the pavilion is good, it is not easy to set up more, and the spring child face, a day three changes, summer thunderstorms, said to come, as fast as lightning
Ear ". Yun's whim, "if only I had a kiosk with me". Lu ban was enlightened by his wife's words. The powerful and omnipotent king of Chinese invention cut a piece of cloth in the shape of a pavilion
Move the frame and put the handle on. Thus the world's first "umbrella" was born. According to jade dust, the umbrella was invented by lu ban's wife to care for her husband who worked outside all day. It seems that if we want to apply for a patent, it is reasonable for lu ban and his wife to share this umbrella. The invention of this umbrella is the product of their love and care for each other.
Lu ban was a skillful craftsman in the state of lu during the spring and autumn period. As a contemporary Confucius who traveled around the world, it was hard to avoid being exposed to the sun and rain. Therefore, he made a fixed umbrella on his car to protect himself from the wind and rain as well as the sun and summer. The stationary "umbrella" can be seen on the second "around the world" stamp of J162, the 2540 anniversary of the birth of Confucius, issued in 1989.