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How to make umbrellas?

2019-11-14 00:42:19
ACME is a umbrella manufacturing expert which is committed to providing the high quality umbrellas for customers all over the world. The umbrellas are generally made by a hand-assembly process. Quality control and material choices occur throughout the manufacturing operation. Now, Let us introduce the following production process:

We finish assembling our ACME umbrellas in 12 steps.

1. Large Cut  
Putting the umbrella fabrics on the inspecting machine to check that there is no yarn, damage, and other defects. We also pay special attention to the color of the fabric.Then, the worker cut a roll of fabric into a long strip fabric on the cutting table.
2. Fabric Edge Locking 
Taking the needle thread to lock the both sides of the cut fabric to ensure the beauty of the umbrella. More importantly, the umbrella will not appear off-line, and it is also a subconscious behavior to ensure quality.

3. Small Cut  
Cutting the long strip fabrics into a piece of triangle as the umbrella’s panels. First the worker will make a triangular wooden model, then place the wooden model on the fabric, and carefully cut it out with a blade. This procedure is completely cut by hand.
4. Printing 
If we choose machine printing, the machine will print before Large Cut. If we choose manual printing, the triangle will be sent to the silk screen workshop after Small Cut. After the Silkscreen printing process is completed and all panels are dried in the ventilation room.

5. Panel assembly 
After printing, the single triangle panel will be sewed into a umbrella surface. Different types of umbrellas, the number of triangular panels could be from 6 to 24 pieces. This step is also hand making and extremely important. The needle of the sewing machine should be fine and sewing times for each inch should be enough. Otherwise, there will be water seepage when it rains.
6. Topping 
Topping is to fix the same size needle coil on the spliced umbrella surface. This purpose helps the umbrella surface to be smoothly placed on the umbrella frame, and also ensures the firmness of the eight spliced triangle pieces.

7. Strapping
Strapping is to sew the finished umbrella strap on the fixed umbrella surface.

8. Umbrella Tip install  
The tip is a piece of metal or plastic stick at the end of each rib to stable the canopy with the ribs. In this process, we use a special sewing machine to sew the tips on the fabric. The number of installed tips is the same as a number of ribs.

9. Stitching
This procedure is to join the umbrella fabric to the frame and rib. Workers must connect the umbrella fabric to the rib by hand. No machine can be used. On each rib, the worker usually uses two or three knots to make it tight.
10. Umbrella Handle install 
There are several methods to install the handle with the shaft such as screwed on, heat up shaft or glue to secure the handle.

11. Finished Product and Quality Inspection
To check the umbrella is to check the umbrella surface, the umbrella stand, the bead tail, etc. For the umbrella with high quality requirements, we usually carry out three inspections for each umbrella.

12. Packaging and Shipment.
Umbrellas in finished product form will be transferred to the packaging department for the preparation of final packing and shipment.