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Chinese umbrella village

2015-04-09 16:31:48
China National Light Industry Association, Federation of Chinese household goods sent assessment team made ​​a special trip to Nanyang Street, its "umbrella Rural China," the title of the re-evaluation assessment. Assessment team inspected the streets of the umbrella company of  Tengxin Umbrella, Nanyang streets and listened to Nanyang Nanyang umbrella umbrella association for development of the industry in recent years, reports on the golf umbrella situation. Assessment team that, based on the original Nanyang umbrella made ​​new progress, the regional advantage is more obvious, to further enhance the industry's umbrella in the domestic influence. Research by the assessment team and agreed on Nanyang Street "China Umbrella," and the title given to re-evaluation identified.
It is understood, Nanyang street since 2008, "China Umbrella town" since the focus on integration of industry resources, development of industry folding umbrella standards, to create umbrella brands, improve product quality and added value.
Annual output has reached 150 million umbrella more than doubled in the title before the production nearly doubled. Employing up to 2.4 million people, umbrella, and an annual turnover of 5 billion yuan of related industries, the emergence of brand-name products 9, five well-known trademarks, well-known firm 3. In the industry in the AAA-rated corporate children umbrella credit rating of four, AA grade enterprise of 11, A-class enterprise of 126.  Tengxin Umbrella industry credit management as a conscious act. At present,  Tengxin Umbrella products has covered, and expand to Asia, Europe and America more than 20 countries. Fun Da and to the international order,  Tengxin Umbrella "Chinese umbrella village" in the name also will be an international reputation.