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With the improvement of living standards, the the umbrella

2015-04-09 16:31:00
With the improvement of living standards, the the umbrella function requirements are increasing. Anti-ultraviolet radiation, to reduce the generation of pathogenic bacteria has become necessary by a qualified umbrellas. Umbrellas in addition to sun umbrella,golf umbrella beach umbrella, golf, fishing umbrella, and even extends to the tent series. At present, the the umbrella cloth fabrics demand on the textile market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang dry start to rise, a relatively good sales situation. Umbrella fabrics are mainly exported to the officiating, Jiangsu Changzhou, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Nanyang. According to the understanding, the umbrella cloth fabric polyester taffeta, nylon taffeta, Jindi Fang, pongee, light spinning, Terri Wong and other products. Now introduce several umbrella cloth fabric characteristics, for reference.
Polyester the discoloration cloth: the goods to light by high nylon 30D monofilament warp for the warp and polyester cation FDY75D/48F of the choice of folding umbrella plain weave, water-jet loom weaving, and then after staining, waterproof coating deep processing, it has a soft, drape, stiff and does not wrinkle, win the favor of the modern two-color effect strengths. This fabric width is 150cm, each weighing about 100 grams, is now on the market per meter fabric wholesale price of 3.00 yuan, rich colors, everything. The fabric is doing the best material of the umbrella fabrics and decorative fabrics. Polyester the discoloration cloth so much the people love and quickly became popular, mainly due to the season and the price of cloth, in addition to the excellent cloth, cloth impeccable. From the recent trend, sales soared.