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Fan Umbrellas with Water Spray for Hot Summer

Item: AU114

23 inches or 19 inches 8 ribs straight manual open fan umbrellas with water spray;

190T solid polyester pongee fabric;

Aluminum shaft, glassfiber frame;

Plastic handle.

Suitable for Saudi Arabia, united Arab emirates, Egypt, India... Market.

Mecca (Mekka, Makka) pilgrimage essential.


This umbrella has a fan which makes it ideal for seasons of Hajj and Umrah in the holy sites. Also it is ideal for extreme hot weather conditions in any open crowded areas where heat is extreme. Attach any water bottle easily to the handle of the umbrella. It has a hand pump to push the water into the misters reducing the consequences and health problems caused by high heat. It is made to ensure that the person and the whole society remain in a good health condition and to be safe from the risks of high heat. It uses 4 AA batteries lasting to about 8 hours of usage at high speed.

Environmentally friendly Does not consume a lot of water. Made of high quality materials. Light weight Easy to use Ideal for extreme hot weather. Scientifically engineered to meet all needs. It has a safety key to turn off the fan when the umbrella is suddenly closed.


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