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A strong structure is one of the key points of a well functioned umbrella. ACME Umbrella has a wide selection of materials for the shaft and ribs to make a good function umbrella. Besides the using of normal materials such as metal, wood on aluminum for making the shaft, we always keep ourselves updating with the new materials which should be stronger and more resistance to wind. Fiberglass shaft is one of them and it becomes more and more popular because of its flexibility which will make the umbrella be more resistance under strong winds. Moreover, its weight is light if you compare it with the normal materials like metal and wood. Therefore it becomes an ideal material for the bigger size golf umbrellas. Some special and innovative materials such as carbon fiber and titanium are better alternatives for an umbrella with durable and light-weight characteristics.

A strong shaft itself is not enough to make an umbrella durable, we need also strong ribs for building up a perfect structure of an umbrella. In order to make the umbrella with better wind proof function, we use fiberglass ribs, carbon plastic ribs with plastic joints to replace the normal steel fluted ribs. They are more flexible and not easy to be bent under strong winds. Especially for the carbon plastic ribs, its tensile strength and adding flexibility is really a good choice of material for making a strong structure wind proof umbrella.

ACME will continue to work with the frame suppliers as a pioneer to develop more suitable and better material which can be enhancing the structure of the umbrellas.